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What can I do?

Generally speaking:

  • Register for the Australian Bone Marrow Donation Registry - Aidan may never need your bone marrow but there are lots of kids and people out there who might. The procedure to actually donate takes less than 48 hours. Christy was out the following day with nothing more than Panadol.
  • Learn about the disease - check out the links page on this website for as much information as you can bear.
  • If you are all dressed up and nowhere to go, go to a children's cancer charity ball and have, well ... a ball!

Specifically for Aidan, Alex & Christy;

  • Send Alex, Aidan and Christopher your thoughts and wishes on the Forum Page. Click here to go there;
  • Loan us your old Playstation 2 games. (G, G+8 and PG)
  • Next time you care cooking up a storm, make an extra helping and freeze it for delivery to the hospital (either directly, note visiting protocol below, or via other visitors, notably the Hanlons).
  • Bring Alex lovely bottles of Sauvingon Blanc and Pinot Noir to get her through the day. New Zealand versions are particularly favoured.
  • Offer to "care for the carer": run errands, drive, clean house, pick up mail, do washing, clean up home garden etc for Alex.
  • Take AIdan things to entertain him - books, DVDs, stickers, anything to do with pirates, Star Wars and Thunderbirds (not necessarily in that order of course).
  • Offer to babysit Christy> That way the core team of carers can relieve Alexso she can have a shower/coffee/food/escape.

Visiting Protocol

  • Always check in with Alex before visiting as she doesn't want too many visitors at the same time as it exhausts Aidan. You can call her on 0402 304 641.
  • Now that Aidan is in isolation visits are restricted. With few exceptions everyone must remain on the outside of the room. But Aidan can talk to you on his special intercomm phone. Puppet shows are particularly welcome.

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