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The boys watch a DVD after a swim on one of the comfy lounges. Aidan was obviously enjoying the movie and didn't mind being interupted for event documentation reasons..,

The little monster himself



(Above and right) Aidan and Christy ride some elephants. (Below) Evidence of the real elephants, perhaps not quite this small...,

Aidan and D2 discuss the dietary habits of bears (no icecream said Aidan with a sigh)

Aidan refuses a kiss from his brother. Both were determined to get their way. Thankfully the D's were on hand to wrench them apart.

(Left and above) Aidan showing exactly how tall he isnt.

Aidan (left) likes nothing more at the end of the day than kicking back in his uggies and tossing some snags onto the barrbee. Sunglasses are usually optional but these days help him manage the pain in his eyes. Too cool for school obviously. Poppa supervises and provides quality control.

hanging with dad and the sisters

From left to right; (back) Steve, Winni and Alex, (front) Nyunga, Aidan, Lisi, Christy and Kyna

Aidan and Steve

Christy and Steve

Lisi and Kyna (above), Winni and Nyuna (right)

Aidan and Nyunga on the merry-go-round

Lisi and Aidan on the slide

Kyna and Christy do the same

Winni and Christy on the merry-go-round

Aidan quickly mastered the art of sommersaults and spent time making himself dizzy

The real Superman

singing in the helicopter

Aidan grins ready to go

Christy with his mouth open (didn't stop talking/singing the entire time)

Good shot for showing how ridiculously large the headsets were.

Looking over Aidan's shoulder before take off.

You know these places right?

The helicopter workshop checking out the copters later (boy heaven)

The rolly dolly was almost as goot as the ride!


world cup in the national park

Aidan and Christy soccer champions (above) Christy lets fly (at right)

Looking extremely pleased with himself

Christopher Kapsanis increases his range of soccer skills..,

Aidan is quite a professional poser with those dammed paparazzi

Seconds before Aidan lept triumphantly into the air

David (D1) gets the boys organised. From left, Alex, Christopher and Aidan in background being held back by D1


From left to right: Alex, Christy, Nicholas (clutching) and Christoipher

Boys lining up to shoot at goal (above) and

A great day was had by all. Whether you knew the rules or not!

Aidan learns the cruel rules of soccer

goggling at the pool

This was the view from our holiday apartment. The theatre arcade in front had great mexican and Grinders coffee (Mandi)

The lads on the plane on our way home. Note Christy

checking out the safety instruction (very safety conscious)

Above, the boys pose in their new "swimming glasses" or "oggles". From this pose they both fell backwards into the pool in a splash of giggles. Boys at right showing off said oggles.

Coordinating underwater games ..,

Coordinating above water games ..,

Aidan waves from underwater. He was obsessed with holding his breath after getting the hang of it last Sunday. (how talented!)

The Swell Resort has just opened, so most of the time we had the pool all to ourselves. Woo hoo. Nonna tries to convince Aidan not to run.

wet (predictably enough) at wet 'n' wild world!

Aidan and Christy rest for 30 seconds at the Wave Pool

Buckaneers play area

Buckaneers play area - Aidan in the background somewhere

Christy finally works out the big kids slides (initially thought you entered them the other way around)

Christy attempts to re-enter the slides approximately 10 seconds before getting bowled over by a child sliding the correct way.

Uncle Robbie - inviting captions for this one ..,

dolphins at seaworld

Christy & Aidan and Splash

Aidan got to pat Splash first and he couldn't get in there fast enough

Poppa pats Splash while Claire (trainer) and boys look on

Nonna and Splash

Boys again. They had to be told not to pick up her fins, grab her tail..,

Robbie about to pat Splash

The last of the fish is fed to Splash

We all wave bye bye, and so did Splash.

Robbie fires the water cannons after luring Christy in close

Aidan strikes a pose at the Polar bear underwater observatory

Christy in helicopter

How mummy felt until she got a coffee

Auntie Kekkie holds Aidan at the rock pool

Same for Superman ooops, Christy..,

That's a stingray that Christy is lookng at (black thing bottom right)

Carpet shark by Christy

Christy and Poppa at the Polar Bear (above ground)

Fish because they were spectacular (not bad for a mobile photo huh?)

Batman about to disappear over the closest horizon

Aidan can't get enough chocolate milk

Aidan on a teenagers water ride, turning around to tell Mamma that she doesn't have to be scared, that he'll "look for you mum"

Dolphins throwing themselves out of their habitat at ridiculous speeds and to ridiculous heights. I want what they're having.

More dolphin flinging about business

Natural synchronicity

And waving "bye bye" - cute but impressive.

getting crazy at dreamworld!

The gang at the front gates

Note steely determined expression as Aidan lines up the big guns (aiming at small unaccompanied child I think..,)

Okay so this is the ball pit. Small foam balls and large vacum sucky / blowy things with gun like attachments (you get the idea?)

Aidan plays with a large vacum blowy thing.


Aidan who is made to stand still for a phot by his unkind mother in Wiggle World. You can tell from the epxression on his face that he is able to dash off (towards the Big Red car ride as it turned out)

Christy in the SS Feathersword ... Arrr Arrr me hearties!


The boys grimacing for their mother who is also stuck in a rotating tea-cup in Wiggles World. There was a little staggering about when the ride stopped.

Aidan waves from his airplane. Christy's hat can be seen in the aircraft behind Aidan, while Robbie, Sandra, Chris, Kekkie (with camera) and Eileen watch on from behind the fence.

This is how Christy felt about having yet another photo taken.

Christy gets up close and personal with an extremely patient kangaroo. Aidan was having none of it.

batman mad at movieworld!

There were of course a zillion rides and experiences during the day. Aidan's favourite was the Wild West Ride, which involved the carriage plumeting down hill rapidly and slamming into water (we were drenched), at the end of the ride Aidan said "That was great Mum, let's do it again" Christy said "I don't like it, its too scary". Will post more after our return, only took a few photos on the phone for immediate posting. Here they are

The sugar consumed in the first half hour rather explained the rest of the afternoon. Aidan tucks in to his double rainbow icecream.

Christy lovin his icecream.

Christy has a green Batman

Aidan has a red Batman

Small yellow cages designed to gently shake up children. Pre-lunch of course.

Aidan takes instruction from Uncle Robbie about the finer points of dogem cars ... he took a bit of instruction to get going.

Aidan concentrating on dogems. Note correct posture (obviously listened to Uncle Robbie)

Aidan really revs up..,

Christy wizzes past and slams into unsuspecting child

Kekkie with her Shrek 3D glasses on. (Shot by Aidan) A movie with moving chairs and lots of frights for small children (read: screaming)

The family as we left, immediately prior to the heavens opening and bucketing down (so photo is a bit dark) Note small Batmen (batmani?) in foreground.

Aidan skips down the resort corridor with Harry Potter wand in one hand and Batman mask in other. Despite the energy of the day he is completely pumped and hasn't yet slept..,

horse riding! on aidan's list of things to do ..,

After some initial nervousness Aidan really enjoyed riding Pixie.

Pixie gets a confident pat

The boys discuss the finer points of equestrian riding

Christy rode Khan (took to it like a duck to water)

Khan, Christy and David (D1)

The Melbourne Cup post-race jockey shot (they're only that big aren't they?!)

Aidan was so very proud of himself for finally getting on Pixie.

The model shot.

The boys making their way around the Riding School

David, Khan (the horse), Christy and Cheryl (from left to right)

David and Aidan saddle up.

Aidan loves Nonna leading Pixie around Palamosa Riding School for him.

The Captain Starlight salute. Aidan was made an honorary Captain himself and iis still very protective of the starlight "tatoo"

Cackling Aidan, thanks to Captain Starlight

The red thumb is Captain Starlight magic that Aidan eventually pretended to swallow (he stilll thinks he's got the magic inside him)

Captain Starlight makes some magic with Aidan during our last visit to hospital for chicken pox (of all things).

Aidan and Christy at movies

Day +141 Boys at the movies! It was wild...

Day + 151 In hospital for Ginnovati Crosti Syndrome that actually turned out to be Chicken Pox.

Day + 150 Dr Toni Peterson, part of our very serious medical team . Shot by Aidan

Day + 150 Dr Sue Russell looking much more serious than usual. Shot by Aidan

All the boys at the Zoo (D1 on the left and D2 on the right)

D1 and the lovelies

Aidan on the Zoo train. A great rest inamongst all the tear assing about.

Day 139 Brigette in paediatric recovery attempts to take a temperature

Aidan hiding

Day 140 Aidan prefers 'hide n seek' to sitting calmly in bed (who would have thought?)

Dean Martini face

Aidan in his medazzelam haze after awakening from his BMA.

Aidan and Iceblock

Day 139 Aidan recovering with the use of cold sugar..,

Aidan BMA

Day + 139 Aidan with his best Medazzelam face on prior to the bone marrow transplant


Day + 100 What a difference a bone marrow transplant makes!

Day + 138 Nonna and Aidan with the canula in.

Day + 138 Aidan wasn't happy about having the canula put in.

Day +138 Suzannah cleans up the canula.

Day + 138 Aidan's chest x-ray

Day + 138 Aidan wait for his x-ray (involves holding breath)

Day +130 A photo for Joy - finally the T shirts get worn (they were the favourites for several days thereafter)

DAY + 120 The David's supervise, Aidan and Christy while they dodge the waves - moments before both of them fell over and got saturated! (Aidan and Christy, not the Davids.)

Day + 119 Aidan's first day back at House at Pooh Corner

Day + 119 Aidan was delighted to be back at skool.

Day + 119 try to keep either of the still for a photo!

Day + 111 One of the things on Aidan's list of thing to do post-tube removal, was to "swim" in the bath - this is backstroke.

Day + 111 Picean children obviously. Sunflowers were the closest that I could get to a fig leaf.

Day + 108 All done. No tubes. Aidan has a list of activities all of which involve large amounts of water.

Day + 108 Recovery. Note the not-all-together-shut eyes.

Day + 108 ~ Aidan is about to go under. Note Dean Martini face brought on by the effects of Medazzelam (and they'll make you a starrr!!!)

Day + 108 Aidan waits to go into theatre. It's all about the hat.

Day + 108 Obviously the hat thing again...,

Day + 108 Blood test. After Aidan screamed the house down (it was an injection test) we found out that he had reached normal white cell count since January 2006!!

Day + 108 How Aidan started the day.

Day + 93 Aidan in sparkler heaven

Day + 93 Kekkie and Nonna get the sparklers out

Day + 93 The jammies and GameBoy


Day + 93 Still not out of pirate phase - lovin the earings from Sascha, Ed and cous Maxie!

Day + 93 ~ Aidan is already planning his trip back to the beach!

Day + 93 ~ Energy levels have returned to normal ps. Aidan isn't on top because Christy let him ..,

Day + 93 ~ Christy loves his new turtles pez thingys (well what do you call them??)

Day + 79 ~ Aidan and a lace monitor at the Fauna Fair

Day + 79 ~ More hooning about at the Fauna Fair

Day +78 Big boxes (kindly delivered by Gary) from work make a spectacular cubby house and the boys are delighted that only "little people" can get in. Note Aidan's hair coming back with a vengence

Day + 78 Christy presents his self portrait (prior to going slightly bezerk and putting in lots of "blood spots" from a variety of injuries that aparently he has sustained

So here you have it the tiny source of incredible pain. (Note reflection of mobile phone camera in shot - this is a photo of Aidan's x-ray on the light box)
Getting the X-ray done.

Patrick wraps the pre-plaster bandanges while Aidan munches on a muesli bar.Click here to see the pictures from the Birthday Party at the Zoo

Day + 71 The gang returns from a walk down at the park.

Day + 58 Finally they assume the position!

Day + 57 Visiting Auntie Kekkie at Bantan House

Day + 50 Kirsten oversees Amanda giving Aidan his Friday Ganciclovir

Day + 44 After feeding the ducks (which was mostly about throwing bread at them and trying very hard not to chase them) Aidan and Christy climbed the surveyors point at the Lane Cove weir. This area used to be the centre of Sydney's logging industry.

Day + 44 The microscopic thing that Aidan is holding is a small stone. He wanted it photographed before he flung threw it at the ground . (As you do)

Day +39 Aidan hoons about with Auntie Kekkie playing with his rabbit ears in the background. Photographer Mandi was only just able to get this shot before Aidan ducked out of the way. (There were several other highly blurred action shots on the phone when Mandi returned from this "photo session")

Day + 39 Aidan in his old isolation room back at the hospital. He is hooked up to heaps of fluids and wee-ing like a trooper, so that his system gets big flush out and potassium levels return to normal. Photographer: Mandi

Day + 38 Aidan gets his Monday infusion thanks to Megan. As always the tv control is plastered to his ear.

Day + 37 Aidan and Christy get to play way too much Crash Bandicoot because their mother is a soft touch.
Day + 36 Opening the pirate box from Cousin Sascha, Ed and Max

Day + 36 New pirate parrot

Day + 36 Aidan wore his pirate get up for most of the day
Day + 36 The other pirate unwrapped five boxes of pirate crayons (the walls of the hourse shook nervously)

Day + 35 Joeleyn attaches Aidan up. He will he visiting hospital Mon, Wed and Fri for the next few months. Note the cyborg like paddle being clutches to the ear - its the television remote

Day + 35 Another scene from the Outpatients Ward C2North. You can tell its not the main ward by the thankful absence of therapy inducing teal curtains
Day + 34 Aidan consoles Christy who has just been told that it's not okay to throw himself off the lounge and onto the floor

Aidan is delighted to see Christy (who is delighted to see there is a new Gameboy game!) Day + 33

And what do boys do when they get past hugging? Day + 33
So what do bone marrow transplant patient do when they get home? Day + 30.

Aidan waves at the end of the corridor on C2 West. Day + 30

The only way to leave an isolation room is through the cupboard.

Dr Kat, Dr Sue and Karina checking Aidan is ready for the great escape Day + 30

Karina flushes and disconnects Aidan before we leave Day +30

Aidan becomes aquainted with monkey Day + 30

Dr Kat checks out Aidan's tummy while he fills it. Day + 2

Aidan and our wonderful friend Lucy (who had just finished talking to Alex about the smorgasboard of going home drugs that Aidan has to take) Day + 28

Going home grin. Day + 30

He's fast asleep. Note vice like grip on Playstation controller. Day + 29

Wendy takes Aidan' blood pressure this morning. Day +2

The band aid is what is making him better (apparently). Day + 23

Spots visible around nose and over eyebrow (the shiny bits under his nose is lanolin) Day + 22

Day + 21 Aidan eats chips and reads his magazine (that's more than he's eaten over the past 3 weeks!!) KIDMAN FOUND AT YOUNGER MAN'S BEDSIDE

(Photo mischief by Tristan - but doesn't Nicole look pleased?)

Day + 18 Aidan hides from Dr Glenn.

Day + 18 our core medical team.(Anticlockwise from front left) Dr Caroline, Lucy (who has really truely met Scott from the Thunderbirds (no really she has)), Dr Melissa and Jennifer and our new Resident Dr Greta.

Day +18 Kekkie brings a Buzz Lightyear puzzle for Aidan

Tristan came by for a bit of dress ups. It was very ten-ter-taining. (Day +16)

Looking like he is getting tired (refused to go to sleep) D + 16

For some reason it all works better with the foot on the table. Aidan does his baboon impersonation (clearly he's sick of Alex taking his photo)

Aidan plays with ruggie after getting bored with drawing

'Ol lanolin lips helps Alex to update his website

Alex gets a sideways smile in the middle of Harry Potter (Day + 15)

Hi-jinks with David (Day +14) (Oh, the patience of the man!)

Aidan and David spent the morning driving around while Alex was at work (Day + 14)

Aidan and Alex (Day + 13) as we updated the website

Bec takes Captain Cranky's temperature and untangles the untangleable tubes (they seem to be multiplying) (Wednesday Day + 12)

Larissa gives Aidan his hopefully last ever dose of chemotherapy (to suppress his cells in turn to help Christy's cells to graft), believe it or not, she's smiling underneath all that! (Tuesday 13th June, Day + 11)

Day + 10 The Star Wars begin

Day + 9 Kekkie and Wrobbie visit for hairdressing purposes.

Star Wars freez for the camera (Day + 9)

The Playstation pose. (Day + 8)

Lorraine takes blood to test for bugs. Now that Aidan is febrile (has a fever, which is a sign of infection) this will be done every day.

A quieter Adian concentrates on his new dinosaur leap book. (Day + 6)

Aidan remainded unperturbed by the arrival of the large artillery (Day + 6)

Aidan gets a hug from Nonna who visited us today.

Music therapy is not only fun, but a great way to release tension. We loves it! (Day + 5)

Auntie Kekkie (the great balloon buyer) and Aidan spend time punching balloons (note clenched fist) Day + 4

More balloons from the kind folks at FM. (Day + 4)

Aidan chooses his next conquest - Day + 3

Too much energy for one isolation room! (Or too much rock for one hand!) Day + 3

Alex and Aidan celebrate being Transplant Day + 2!

Aidan ready to go off to the morning round of radiation (2nd last time) Day Zero.

D1 flings Darth Vader into his wheelchair before Radiation treatment round 5. (Day Zero)

Aidan and Christy in Aidan's Isolation Room on Admission Day. (Day Minus 5) Aren' t they just gorgeous?! (types proud muther alex)

Aidan gets around the ward, chauferred by Christy (with Nonna and special robot in hot pursuit

Day + 93 Aidan in sparkler heaven

Day + 93 The jammies and GameBoy Aidan's buddah pose
The pics above are of Bek and Aidan. Bek is one of the amazing nurses doing their bit to make this time as easy as possible on both Alex and Aidan. She even makes taking his blood pressure fun and always takes the time to talk and play with him despite how busy she is and what a stressful job she has. You can see in the pics above just what I mean. This was taken a few hours after the insertion of the naso-gastric tube. A special thanks to Bek! Seeing a smile on his face is such important medicine for me - Tristan

Aidan awaiting an x-ray to make sure the tube is in the right spot. (and it was!)

Aidan and Mumma, the day of the insertion of the Naso-gastric tube.

Aidan and a pirate Ship!

Aidan and Mumma

Mumma and Christy

A geek in the making... (thats a computer he is playing with...)

Scary Star Wars on TV

I am ready for my closeup Mr De Mille...

Pirate Aidan... arrrrrrrrrr


Aidan and Mumma playing around

Mr Conversational

Aidan, Buffalo Bill The Sailor (weird green ball thing) Tristan and Chicken Puppet shortly before "Puppet Wars" began. Death to all Chicken and Frog Puppets. Buffalo Bill will prevail.

Kisses from Mumma



Aidan's new "shared" ward

Aidan and his ipod (well the headphones anyway...)

Pic by Aidan (Alex, Tristan and Marc)




Eating Pasta Dijonnaise

Pulling faces

A Wee Pirate and His Treasure Chest

Kathy administers chemo in fetching purple

The Magic Robot

Laughing as always

Christy anbd Aidan wrestling

Aidan and Alex watching Aidan's blood tests being done

Alex and Christy watch Aidan get his blood tests done

A pensive moment