What does an isolation room look like?

Room 17, C2 West, Sydney Children's Hospital


Room full of beeping equipment. BYO lamp for kinder light

The double doors lead into the bathroom. The parent bed lies alongside the wall, doesn't actually fit the design of the room.

It ain't much but it's home. For a couple of months at least. We spent some time decorating, just to have it feel a little less sterile. But in the end sterile is in fact the point. You will have daily cleaning activities to keep bacteria as much at bay as possible. It's all about safeguarding the patient as their blood counts drops and their immune system struggles to recover.

Despite my previous distrust of the whole computer games and children dynamic, the Playstation saved alot of angst. I think for a child Aidan's age (4 years) it also allowed him to escape his predicament from time to time, and it made him smile. So it became a case of whatever it took to get him through.

Microwave and fridge provided so that Aidan's food would either be required cold or required hot and not that awful bacteria encouraging temperature inbetween.