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(See below for a first hand account of a couple of lovely days David and David recently spent with the twins. I don't think any of Aidan's visitors get as an enthusiastic reception as The David's do. They have been an amazing help and support to Alex and the boys over the past few months especially and Aidan loves it when they come to see him! - Tristan)

Fridays with the Davids

by David and David (known as The Davids to the boys)

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Friday 19th May

D2 and I gave Nonna a break Friday week ago (19th) and took Christee and Aidan for an outing. What fun we had! We went to "Davids" house and saw two puppies (a border collie and a miniature fox terrier) and 101 Dalmatians! There was a bit of hiding behind cushions when the "Bad Lady" Cruela De Vil was on screen and much cheering when the bad guys got walloped by the animals, all the while running from one window to another so that the real border collie would chase them! Lots of fun. Then we went to the beach and dare I say WATER.

Are you familiar with the saying "like a rat out of an aqueduct"? That rat has NOTHING on our favourite pirates when they see water! The Davids spent a very energetic 20 minutes chasing, lifting, putting down, chasing, lifting, putting down etc, etc, etc. “Lets find mummy and nonna a nice shell!” only made them head towards the water. chasing, lifting, putting down, chasing, lifting, putting down …… Not sure how we managed to sit them down to take a photo but we did.

Then we remembered a park near by that had a pirate ship - salvation (not to mention a short ride in the car) and we had more running around, climbing, and playing in the pretend shop. D2 brought all the fruit from Aidan so that when Christee was serving D1, there was nothing left to buy!

Friday 26th May

More 101 Dalmatians, chasing the live puppies, and a tiger! D1 got dressed up in the tiger suit - Christee was SO cool. Aidan hid behind the chair until he worked out it was D1 then it was jumping on Tiger, riding on Tigers back! Aidan even wanted to be inside the Tiger suit! Great fun. Then the Davids introduced the swisse ball – wow! Only just shorter than the pirates, very bouncy, minutes of entertainment! Pushing up and down the hall way, pushing at and then running the Davids over, go and chase the puppies, push the ball up and down the hallway.

Who wants to feed the ducks? “Me Me” So off we go to Centennial park, with a stop for some Chicken’n’chips on the way. How excited can two little boys get – feeding ducks and swans AND being really near water! It was a feeding throwing / pelting frenzy with swarming ducks, swans, seagulls eager for bread, and our pirates only too happy to get the bread to them at super sonic speed. Admittedly some swans may have ended up with a mild concussion due to inter-ballistic bread missiles, but they seemed happy…… It turned windy so we went to the other park to feed ducks and fish!

Into the car we go, Aidan falls asleep. We get there, we all get out, D2 and Christee feed the ducks and fish two bags of bread, Aidan sleeps in D1’s arms. Christee is most impressed with hitting a fish on the head with the bread (play station live??????) It’s 3-30pm now and we’re all back in the car going to momma’s work for the car swap. Aidan is still asleep (swisse ball and puppies make for a tired pirate). “Christee not sleep!!!!!!!” So we chat all the way to UNSW about “fishes, duckses, and birdses”. We meet momma, wake Aidan, swap cars, drive off only to find we haven’t given Momma the house key. Opps – fix that really quickly. Momma goes north with the chattering pirate – a very quiet D1 and D2 head home.

D1 has a 90 minute Nanna nap :)