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Christy's Diary.... click here for picnic photos

Saturday 21st June - Day out With Great Aunt Trica and Ashleigh

Woke up this morning and set off for a Great Adventure with the Great-Aunt Tricia and my friend, Ashleigh. So excited when Nonna drove up to the front of the Museum (which I had been to before with Aidan) that I nearly fell out of the car! We were all so excited we had to run -- run -- run so we could get inside quickly -- quickly -- quickly, that we forgot to wave goodbye to Nonna who was off to the hospital to see Aidan.
The very first thing we HAD to see was the Bones -- dinosaurs, dolphins
and a skeleton man riding a skeleton horse which took me a while to work out. Then we went to the Little Kid's Play area and I rode on a wombat (not really) and ran around and played with all the toys and touched everything -- Yook! Yook! -- while Aunt T and Ashleigh watched a little girl doing a chatty puppet show which featured a mermaid and a butterfly which were "twins", and cat who was a prince.
Then it was off to lunch and a drink. Aunt T bought me a Gingerbread Man and by the time the food came, I had eaten all his top half while she was not looking, so I wasn't hungry any more. Afterwards we went to the shop to look for some presents for Aidan and I bought him a dinosaur egg and a dinosaur stamp.
Then it was Ashleigh's turn to choose, and we went to the Look-and-Learn Room, where there were stuffed echidnas and turtle shells and drawers with small, small spiders and BIG SPIDERS. But best of all for me were the microscopes and computers, and I spent a lot of time messing with the Museum's high-end technology and their dont-touch fume cabinets.
After that it was time to think about going home, so we had to rush round all my favourite things again -- Yook! Yook! -- and then headed towards the station for my first ride in a train!!! Not all my sophistication with Papa's sports-car had prepared me for the novel sensation of a train-in-motion. What a surprise that was. I sat there just feeling it in my body, and barely said a word until we arrived at Circular Quay, even when we came out of the tunnel.
While we waited for the ferry, we fed the sea gulls my sensible lunch-time plain cheese sandwich (which cost $5.90) and I started finishing off the trouser half of my Gingerbread Man. Suddenly a really cheeky sea gull snatched Mr. Gingerbread right out of my hand and took off with him! I was amazed, I was stunned, I was less than gruntled. Ashleigh suggested he was just really hungry, but then she hadn't been mugged! I possibly may never be able to have a meaningful relationship with sea gulls again!
Fortunately we were all distracted by having to run -- run -- run -- to the excitement of the ferry arriving. Aunt T took us up to the very top deck, and Ashleigh and I sat high on the shelf at the very front, and I was able to point out every boat and count all the green-and-cream ferries to them, while Aunt T droned on about history to Ashleigh.
When we arrived at Neutral Bay, the final excitement was that Papa was waiting for us at the wharf and I had to run -- run -- run and show him the presents we had bought for Aidan and tell him about the dinosaurs and the bird lady and the fate of my Gingerbread Man -- all at once!
Home with dear Nonna again, when Tristan arrived to picked up Aunt T and Ashleigh, and I had to show her all our treasures. Then Tristan took Aunt T home for a Bex-and-a-good-lie-down. Aunt T says, when Aidan can come too, we will all go again -- just the four of us -- to do more Research at the Museum.
We all had such a very happy day. Particularly that sea gull.

Monday 16 January 2005
Went to visit Aidan this morning.  He always has new toys to see and play with but is a bit bossy about sharing.  Today we played with the karioke machine and discovered if we held the mike
over the speaker we created loud feed-back.  Uuummm.  Very hospital.  Thanks David!
Then off to the supermarket with Nonna for lots of shopping.  Ziggy let me pat him when we arrived home.
At Nonna's I played with the castle and knights and had big wizzies on Nonna's office chair. When Papa comes home we will kick the  ball around the back garden which I love.

Tuesday 17 January 2005
Visited Aidan in hospital and we had sandwiches together and played with the Old MacDonald truck on the floor. This afternoon I will have a Chicken Pox injection so that Aidan is safe when he comes home.
I have discovered passionfruit. Yummy.  Nona cuts them in halves and I eat them with a teaspoon.

Wednesday, January 25.
Aidan a bit grumpy today when we went to the hospital. Sometimes he won't say good bye to me or give me a kiss. It makes me a little bit sad.
Tonight Pappa and I made a big wok of Thai green curry with noodles and vegetables and chicken. I ate a whole big bowl of it and it made my lips hot.
Pappa and I feed the fish in the evenings. They come for their food when we call them. Sometimes, if I can hold my hand very still on the very top of the water, they kiss the ends of my fingers. It makes me smile.

Thursday, January 26.
This morning Nonna and I went to visit Aidan in the hospital. He was a bit happier today so we went to the play room and zoomed around on the foot-operated car. There are lots of toys in the playroom and we had a game of dinosaurs with another little boy who is very fast and likes to dance.
Sometimes we argue about whose turn it is and Mummy and Nonna get cross with us.
Then Nonna and I walked to the shops to buy food for Adian and Mummy and we had a smoothie from the Boost Juice bar. Uummmm!

29th January 2006
Poppa takes Christy over to Tristan’s house in the sports car. Aidan doesn’t get to do this. Christy is without a doubt smiling and exclaiming all the way. The wind makes him feel like he’s going really fast. With Poppa driving, that might just be happening anyway.
Christy arranges every snowdome that Tristan and Marc own on their coffee table. Alex suggests that he shake them all, all at once. Christy initially thinks this is a great idea and attempts to do it. Snigger snigger, thinks Alex and walks off seeking sausages.
Christy demolished two chocolate frog cakes and then talks about them for the rest of the day.

30th January 2006
Alex takes Christy to his first day back at “skool”. He is very excited to arrive at House at Pooh Corner and waves to some little friends as he jumps out of the car. We are welcomed at the gate and Christy takes Alex up to the K3 Room to find his new locker.
Alex signs Christy in and he’s off up to the cupboard and the puzzles. Christy likes to spend his morning doing puzzles at the little table in the room.
Later after picking up some paperwork, Alex sees Christy painting at the outside table with some new friends. He is quite engrossed in his work. Aidan is sure to get another poster for his hospital wall from this Alex thinks.

3rd February 2006
Christy had a fun day at pre-school “play with kids” he says. He is delighted to play with Aidan on the X-Box when he gets home. They do Crash Bandicoot racing and the peaceful sounds of a Chatswood afternoon are punctuated with screams of indignation and exclaimations of “we did it!” with punching of the air with little arms. Later that evening ……..[‘’/’’’’B’g ‘b’b’bb’b’bb’b’’bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bnbbbbbbbbbbnnnnnnnn Christy has discovered the computer\ \\\bl\o\g\\\\\\\\\\\\a\nd\\interupts\\\Alex\\\\\rtyIUYFJHeFDCdcbNYilokYtttrEQasfgvBktTRdwSXVBYUIOllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll \\\\\\\\\bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbvvvvvvvvvdddddddd\\\\

4th February 2006
Christy gets to cuddle Alex in the morning. Spends some time telling her is is digging the potatoes out of her ears with his little finger. It’s all very hilarious.
Later Christy gets into big trouble for pushing Aidan in the chest. Keep forgetting those dammed tubes are there. Bugger. And its all pretty confusing, Aidan is home after all and this is where they playing happens.
Alex and Christy have a little chat about Aidan being sick. Alex tells Christy its not his fault that Aidan is sick, but that Mama needs Christy’s help to look after Aidan. Christy says that he can help. He is Mama’s special helper.

6th February 2006
Nonna drops Christy off to skool in the morning and he is a little more clingy than the usual “see ya” wave of dismissal. Nonna is informed that this is not unusual for a Monday.
Later that day Alex picks Christy up and is told immediately that he has done some paintings for Aidan. Alex is shown to the drying rack where she coos in an appropriately proud parent manner over the colourful squiggles that Christy has created. Jackson Pollack eat your dribbly little heart out.
Christy’s big news is that today was his first underpants day at skool. He did very well and there is only a little washing.
Aidan is very generous with his praise of the paintings later when they are presented. Christy has an extremely pleased expression on his face for all of the ten minutes it takes for him to find out that Aidan’s generous disposition doesn’t extend to the pirates arranged around the lounge room floor. Alex has to growl at them both and the pirate game, rules established, finally gets underway.
Later that night after being tucked into sleep at least twice, Christy whispers to Alex that he’s not sick, but Aidan’s sick. Right says Alex, I guess we had better look after him then? Yes says Christy we’ll look after him.

7th February 2006
Christy gets to go to skool with Alex. We have more big chats in the car. Alex asks about Christy’s friends at skool but all he can remember is that one of them bit him on the chest last week. (It was only a little bite) Christy refers to his friends as “the kids” and while he from time to time will seek one of them out, he mostly prefers referring to them as a small collective. This makes conversation challenging.
Christy is always happy to show Alex where his bag has to go, but is less happy when the leaving time comes. Alex is able to leave after lots of cuddles and when Christy engrosses himself in a supermarket game.
11th February 2006
Christy has a new toy. It is a small raincoat wearing dog with an umbrella, which when wound up dances to “Singing in the rain”. Christy is on a mission to drive Nonna and Poppa crazy. Poppa likes dancing like the little dog. Christy thinks he’s very funny.

12th February 2006
Alex pops into Aubin Street to have breakfast with Christy and Poppa. When she arrives he’s hiding under the table having a weep. Poppa says that he didn’t wake up very well this morning and that Poppa has had to lure him out of bed by putting Star Wars on in the lounge room. Christy is protesting at it now having been turned off.
Alex gets a great big mopey hug and the two of us sit and have a chat for a while. Christy seems to cheer up a bit and we head out to the kitchen for some breakfast. He doesn’t eat anything but drinks two glasses of juice. Christy has had a bit of a sniffle this week and Dr Sue had advised Alex that he should stay away from the hospital. Nonna says that he settles into Aubin Street a little easier when he has been over to visit Aidan. Curse runny noses! But hopefully he will be able to visit tomorrow.
There are lots more cuddles and Christy says its okay for Alex to go back to the hospital to look after Aidan. We have a final hug and a smoochey kiss and then Alex is out the door and off to hospital.

15th February 2006
Christy was surprised to find that when Nonna’s car pulled up outside his house that Aidan and Alex were on the balcony waving to him. The two of them ran down the stairs to open the front door for him and gave him a huge bear hug. Complete with growls.
Sometimes it’s a little bit confusing and overwhelming for Christy and he quietly takes himself off to his room and lies on the bed. Alex found him there and the two of them had a bit of a chat about the comings and the goings, and whether Aidan was still sick. Christy told Alex that he had been in underpants all day without any mess and without a pull-up. Alex is so terribly terribly proud of him in the way that mothers can be proud about their children’s bodily functions and tells him that he’s doing a great job and is very grown up. Christy smiles at her and says yes he’s a big boy now. Alex and Christy share a cuddle on Christy’s bed and then we rumble all the way to the lounge room.

16th – 20th February 2006
Alex gets to drive Christy to skool twice. On the way we talk about the roadworks and all the Bob the Builder equipment that is needed to build the road. Christy is convinced that they are building someone’s house and tells Alex repeatedly that it’s a house not a road that is being attended to. We often have a little sing-a-long, Christy likes his songs. A favourite one at the moment is the goblin king song from the Labyrinth movie. Sung by David Bowie as the Goblin King and surrounded by Jim Henson and Brian Froud’s goblins, we sing “what kind of magic spell to weave / slime and snails / puppy dogs tails/ thunder and lightening… and Christy! Your remind me of the babe! What babe? (says he) The babe with the power! What power? (says he) Power of voodoo! Who do? You do! Do what? Remind me of the babe! Then we have a chuckle together at our complete cleverness and it’s time to swap roles.
Our rides home are usually filled with discussions of what happened that day at House at Pooh Corner, there is always lots of running fast, and usually painting (Christy is a great creator of works of art) but perhaps more recently there are complex and involved stories of Christy being maimed by the other children. Usually the children who he was chasing as it turns out. There is a fine sense of story in Christy and like other members of the Hanlon Clan he doesn’t let truth get in the way of a good story (yes you dreadful relatives you know who you are!). So I get to hear about him falling from great heights and being pushed and all manner of awful neglectful things that no mother in her right mind would subject such a wonderful son to. Alex thinks this could be the beginning of something else, Christy has after all sussed that hospital is a place where you get nurses to bring you things while you stay in bed playing computer games. What young man would not be attracted to game playing with in built room service? Shall have to watch this one.

21st February 2006
Christy saw possums in the trees tonight. Good thing he was holding on to Poppa, because they looked a little bit scarey. Later Christy had difficulty settling. He told Alex that he had a scarey room, so we sat together and talked about all the toys that were in his room and were his friends. We also talked about monsters and how you don’t have to be scared of them because they are pretend and we don’t even have pretend ones here at home. The we talked about being in hospital this morning and Alex told Christy thank you for helping to get Aidan to hospital and that Christy is such a help to Mama to help with Aidan because he’s sick. Christy looked Alex straight in the eyes and said “Good job with Aidan Mama” and patted Alex on the shoulder. She nearly cried, he was so beautifully sincere.

27th February 2006
After last nights storm everywhere is completely soaked. Poppa returns from his walk and reports that there is a huge branch over the street. It is being held up by power lines. Cars without a death wish won’t be able to get through. Alex calls the SES. After a lazy breakfast, Christy and Alex head off to skool and work, as we reach the top of the road we can see a big fire truck. Firemen are just finishing up cutting up the branches of the huge branch. Whew! We can get through. But it’s all terribly exciting and Christy tells all the kids at skool about the fire truck the moment we walk in the door.
These days Christy puts on quite an act when being left at skool. He just loves it and in the afternoons it’s often difficult to drag him away, but the mornings can get a little sad. Alex is told that he cries just long enough that she can hear it as she’s leaving, but not much longer.

February 3rd
I have had an exciting few days.
Today was my Birthday and Mummy gave me a Game Boy. I love it and want to play it all the time. Nonna says that I can play until the clock hands go to new places that we work out first. Even the brrriiinnng
noise it makes when I turn it on makes me smile.

February 5th
On Sunday we had a family picnic because Sacha and Edmund and baby Max are visiting from New York. Aidan and Mummy could not come because they are in hospital but lots of my favorite people were there and played with me. Our picnic was at a harbor beach that has huge old Morten Bay fig trees growing down to the high water mark with lawn underneath. The water was twinkly blue and there were lots of yachts sailing around.
I met Louis and Hugo who had bought their Light Sabers and some other guns and we had a wonderful time playing Jedi knights, chasing around and zooming up and down some small stairs near where the picnic was. Louis and Hugo are great fun to play with and shared their toys and we were happy together.
The Aunties had put rugs on the ground with many plates of yummy food, but Jedi knights don't get very hungry so I only had a bit to eat, except for the chocolate cake that Tristan had made.
Then we went for a swim. It is safe to swim there because of the shark net. Mark and Louis and Hugo's Mummy, Alex, came swimming too and looked after us. Tristan ran around on the sand to make sure everything was alright. When I got shivery cold I ran to Nonna and got dry and put clothes on again.
When we left the picnic, Tristan gave me another wicked chocolate cake and Nonna put it in the fridge for my dinner. It was really good to eat and Nonna said that I even got chocolate up my nose!
I was so tired after my evening shower that I had just one story then went off to bed. I was very sleepy. It was a happy, shiny day.

Christy the Jedi Knight

Christy and the chocolate cake

At the beach

Hmmm.... boys will be boys...

12th March 2006
Went to see Aidan in hospital. Christy hadn’t seen him all week and wanted to run up to the Ward, but Nonna told him to walk. So he walked really really fast in a kind of bent over duck-like fashion for maximum effect.
Aidan was in bed and playing the big computer game, so Christy climbed up and joined him. It’s lots of fun and Aidan always tells Christy how to do it. Alex thinks that Christy is better than Aidan expects, because Aidan gets so cross when Christy beats him. Christy just smiles and laughs.
Christy and Aidan visit the fairy garden. Aidan is in a wheelchair because his feet hurt to walk, so Christy climbs up on the back of the chair and leans over Aidan’s shoulder and we chase Nonna down the passage to the lifts. In the fairy garden Christy likes to stay with the wheelchair because the orb spiders up in the tops of the trees worry him. Christy helps to look for faeries under leaves and branches and shows Aidan the silver stars handing from the branches.
Christy opens the door for Aidan’s wheelchair when its time to leave and pushes the right button for the lift. Aidan and Alex get in the lift and then Nonna and Christy run up the stairs to try and beat them, but Aidan and Alex are too fast and Christy gets a big BOO! at the top of the stairs as he comes through the door. This of course razzes him up so much that he goes running back to the ward and hides around all the corners and jumps out at the wheelchair as we turn the corner. There is much laughing and yelling and carry-on and general merriment.
Silly Christy.

6th April 2006
Christy got to see a real snake at skool today. It lives in a bag and it has yellow diamonds on it. Christy volunteered to hold it, but quickly ran away when Bob the reptile man tries to sit it on his shoulders. Then Christy volunteered to hold the blue tongue lizard, but then he felt he had to run away again. Ick ick thinks Christy.

8th April 2006
Christy goes with Poppa in the sports car to visit Aidan in hospital. Christy has new shoes and new jeans and runs into the room calling for Aidan. Aidan is playing computer games on the bed so Christy climbs up and joins him. They take turns playing rally car driving. It’s a very realistic game and every time you slide off the road and crash into the trees your car gets a dent. At the end of the race you can see your car from lots of different angles to see how damaged it is. Aidan managed to get through the game with two broken windows and the front bumper bar gone. Christy had no windows, no rear spoiler, no left hand side panels, no bumper, no bonnet and the radiator was hanging at a crooked angle. Christy’s car literally limped over the finish line the engine cutting out for the final time as he passed the flags. “I win!” shouted Christy throwing his hands in the air and great big grin on his face. “Look Mama, I win, I win!”

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Auntie Nicky says:
1st June 2006
I picked up Christy at about midday from Nonna. He was extremely excited by the prospect of going into hospital, I suppose he felt included and part of Aidan’s hospital experience. He was already talking about the Star Wars game boy he was receiving from Aidan in return for giving his bone marrow! (By the end of the hospital stay I felt that Christy was quite happy to donate lots of himself if such good rewards were forthcoming!!)
Christy hit C2West in a very chirpy mood, fanged around and waved through the glass to Aidan … and then … the presentation of the Star Wars Gameboy!! And Christy was totally enthralled for the rest of the day.

2nd June 2006
Christy woke up early with one thought in his mind … you guessed it … Star Wars Gameboy. We talked about the Darth Vader mask that he would be breathing through to fall asleep in theatre. He was very pleased with this prospect and gladly was wheeled on his own bed down to surgery, waving very sweetly to Aidan who was on his way down to radiotherapy (looking like a young Johnny Depp circa Captain Sparrow giving his “too much rock for one hand” gangsta-hands, mask on and daffy duck bandanna).
Chris momentarily got a little slitty-eyed when the anaesthetist showed him the “Darth Vader mask” but dutifully did the breathing required and groggily slipped under, last words were … you guessed it … Star Wars Gameboy.
Christy awoke in recover two hours later, a bit groggy and sooky but no “caged monster syndrome”of which I had been warned. He was exceedingly sweet about everything! Once we got back to the ward (a different one this time) he did a huge chuckeroo, for which he apologised profusely, making us all fall in love with him even more, cause he such a sweetz. After a few chucks he settled down to a good session of Star Wars Gameboy and received a bevy of well-sishers who did come forth to pay homage to the little legend.
After I constructed a tent over his bed (by request), Christy settled down for a big sleep. He did complain about the noise – which sounded like the Wiggles waging war on High 5, naturally the Wiggles were winning!! At 4am, a loverly Indian nurse who referred to Christy as she took blood pressure and temperatures etc., as ‘bubby-boy’ (it’s a keeper), declared that if Christy didn’t wee NOW he’d need a catheter. Poor little sausage, who is hard to wake up and certainly doesn’t like his sleep disturbed, had to be roused to do a wee, again he was so sweet and did it all with grace, even though he let me know he “didn’t like it”. (Meanwhile his high quantity 400mls of bone marrow was doing its magic with Aidan.)

3rd June 2006
Christy wakes up. Before his eyes open the saying is … Star Wars Gameboy!! He eats a few popcorn biscuits and as soon as the Doctors see him they declare him fit to go home. He had no pain killers today, complained of no pain, no “ouch-back” and merrily came up to C2West to wave Aidan and Mama goodbye, wish all well and head back to Nonna’s for a big nap and a few jelly-snakes.